Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) is a regional cap and trade program designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector. Regulated power plants are given allowances for CO2 emissions, which are then auctioned each quarter.

In 2020, Virginia became the first southern state to join RGGI and is the only RGGI state that dedicates fifty percent of its proceeds from these auctions towards making low-income, affordable housing more energy-efficient. These funds allow weatherization providers and affordable housing developers to provide safe, affordable, and energy-efficient homes to low-income families like never before. During the first two years of participation, RGGI provided $250M to make low-income housing in Virginia more energy-efficient.

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Check out the VAEEC’s resources below to learn more about how the Weatherization Deferral Repair and Affordable & Special Needs Housing programs are helping Virginians across the Commonwealth.

Affordable & Special Needs Housing (ASNH) Resources

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Weatherization Deferral & Repair (WDR) Case Studies


For more information on RGGI and HIEE, visit the DHCD website. You can also view the presentation slides from the VAEEC’s “Making a Difference in Low-Income Housing: How the RGGI Auctions Affect EE Work” panel at our Spring 2021 Forum.

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