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In Virginia, one of the largest opportunities to expand energy efficiency is through utility-sponsored programs. The Grid Transformation and Security Act of 2018 (GTSA) created a roadmap for Virginia’s energy future, including commitments by the two Investor-Owned Electric Utilities (IOUs) to propose over $1B worth of energy efficiency programs through 2028. As part of their Grid Transformation plans, the IOUs will also offer customers the tools to help understand their energy use, thereby accelerating energy efficiency adoption. This presents a huge opportunity to transform our industry in Virginia, as these programs can foster economic growth and improve the lives of all Virginians. 

Click below to view VAEEC’s official comments, testimony, and letters that have helped shape Virginia’s utility programs over the last several years.


Support of 2020 Utility Programs

  • VAEEC’s Direct Testimony on the 2020 Dominion Energy DSM programs filing (March 2020).
  • Appalachian Power Company has released their RFPs for eight proposed DSM programs. Proposals are due June 1st.


Visit the Utility Programs Archive to view our comments, testimony, letters, press releases, and reports dating back to 2012.


March 2019 Webinar: Overview of Dominion Energy’s Demand-Side Management Filings

March 2018 Webinar: Reviewing the Proposed Energy Efficiency Utility Programs

VAEEC Blog Posts & Updates

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