By the Numbers

During the first two years of participation, RGGI provided $250M to make low-income housing in Virginia more energy efficient. The Housing Innovation Energy Efficiency (HIEE) fund, administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development, provides capital to make energy efficiency upgrades to both new and existing housing.

For existing housing, the Weatherization Deferral Repair (WDR) program works in tandem with the federal weatherization program to provide funds for major health and safety repairs- such as new roofs, HVAC replacements, mold remediation, and leak repairs- that would otherwise go unresolved if these funds did not exist. Once a weatherization provider makes the WDR repairs, they can then fully weatherize the home through the federal weatherization program.

The Affordable and Special Needs Housing (ASNH) program funds leverage federal and state financing options to ensure more energy-efficient affordable housing comes to market every day. These RGGI dollars administered through the HIEE fund, are provided as forgivable, no-interest loans and are capped at $2M or 10% of construction costs per project. In order to receive these funds, a project must provide additional high performance criteria- above and beyond what is already required for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit- depending on project type.

RGGI dollars are being used in every region of Virginia. From major health and safety repairs on existing housing to the construction of affordable, energy-efficient homes, RGGI  dollars are making a major difference and creating high-paying jobs that cannot be outsourced.

Total RGGI Proceeds for Virginia 

Virginia began participating in RGGI auctions in March 2021. Below is a table of both Virginia’s total proceeds per quarterly auction and the estimated allocation for low-income energy efficiency dollars to the Housing Innovation Energy Efficiency (HIEE) fund.

Auction NumberDateTotal ProceedsTotal Energy Efficiency Funds
Auction 513/2021$43,589,868.40 $21,794,934.20
Auction 526/2021$45,416,614.62$22,708,307.31
Auction 539/2021$52,995,538.50$26,497,769.25
Auction 5412/2021$85,634,562.00$42,817,281.00
Auction 553/2022$74,219,112.00$37,109,556.00
Auction 566/2022$76,418,182.90$38,209,091.45
Auction 579/2022$73,944,212.95$36,972,106.48
Auction 5812/2022$71,415,265.89$35,707,632.95
Auction 593/2023$66,096,400.00$33,048,200.00
Auction 606/2023$67,312,561.03$33,656,280.52
Auction 619/2023$73,234,797.35$36,617,398.68
Auction 6212/2023$97,444,075.68$48,722,037.84
All Auctions$730,277,115.64$384,460,595.66*

*$11,400,000 was removed from the HIEE budget by the 2022 General Assembly. This money was allocated to the Town of Hurley, VA for flood remediation. An additional $18,000,000 was removed from the HIEE budget by the 2023 General Assembly. This money has been earmarked for Southwest Virginia flood relief. 

Current HIEE Allocations from RGGI

This table provides the amount of funds allocated to the Weatherization Deferral & Repair (WDR) and the Affordable & Special Needs Housing (ASNH) programs under the HIEE fund.

Fiscal YearWDR AllocationsASNH Allocations


View our ASNH distribution map to see where the ASNH money has gone.