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Northam enacts legislation for clean energy

The Commonwealth’s leadership is looking to make a move toward clean energy with the signing of the Virginia Clean Economy Act.

According to a release Sunday from the Governor’s Office, Northam also amended the Clean Energy and Community Flood Preparedness Act, which now requires the state to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Northam said, “These new clean energy laws propel Virginia to leadership among the states in fighting climate change. They advance environmental justice and help create clean energy jobs. In Virginia, we are proving that a clean environment and a strong economy go hand-in-hand.”

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Inside clean energy’s coronavirus job crash

It was Wednesday, March 11, when life began to turn upside down for Lee Householder and his 42 employees at Project:Homes, a nonprofit that does energy efficiency retrofits in Virginia.

The events of that day, like the National Basketball Association suspending its season and President Trump blocking travel from Europe, made the novel coronavirus very real and led workers to a crest of worry. They wanted to know the plan. The next day, March 12, “was a very chaotic day of scrambling,” Householder said. “How are we going to react?”

The plan that came was quick and absolute. “No one’s coming to work on Monday,” he told his staff.

And no one has been back.

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Virginia Energy Efficiency Council Celebrates Passage of Transformative Energy Efficiency Legislation

For Immediate Release: March 6, 2020

Contacts: Jason Roop, | Virginia Energy Efficiency Council: Executive Director Chelsea Harnish,, 804-457-8619

Virginia Energy Efficiency Council Celebrates Passage of Transformative Energy Efficiency Legislation

RICHMOND — Legislation passed by both chambers of the General Assembly today will boost the economy, transform the energy efficiency industry, reduce electric bills for families and position the Commonwealth for a clean energy future.

The landmark plan, known as the Virginia Clean Economy Act, paves the way for Virginia to reach a goal of zero carbon emissions by 2045. It represents an unprecedented shift in energy policy and ensures investment in energy-efficient programs, policies, jobs and technology.

In support of its passage, the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council — a broad coalition of business, government and nonprofit voices across the state — spent hundreds of hours working alongside lawmakers, environmental advocates and business groups.

“To say this is monumental is an understatement,” said Chelsea Harnish, executive director of the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council (VAEEC). “The passage of this legislation is a massive and critical step for energy efficiency advancement in the Commonwealth. We’re thrilled with the potential impact this will have on job creation in our sector.”

C-PACE launches program for commercial energy and resiliency projects

Fairfax County’s C-PACE program gives commercial building owners an avenue for obtaining private funding to support capital improvement projects intended to save energy or water, or to make their property more resilient to climate-related threats.

Managed by the county and administered by the Virginia PACE Authority, the program offers building owners access typically long-term loans so they can make substantial improvements to older buildings or add sustainable technology to new buildings at little to no upfront cost.

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Virginia Lawmakers Pass Major Clean Energy Legislation

The Virginia House and Senate passed sweeping energy legislation Tuesday that would overhaul how Virginia’s utilities generate electricity and, supporters say, move the state from the back of the pack to the forefront of renewable energy policy in the United States.

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Governor Northam Announces Effort to Modernize Lighting on Virginia’s Roadways

New energy-efficient lighting will make nighttime driving safer on Virginia’s highways, Governor Ralph Northam said in a December announcement. He announced that the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will contract with Trane to replace more than 9,600 highway lights with light-emitting diode (LED) products, improving roadway visibility and energy efficiency.

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Virginia’s roadway lighting upgrades buck federal backtracking on efficiency

Starting this spring, Virginia will replace 9,600 lights on limited-access highways, interchanges, park-and-ride lots, rest areas and weigh stations with efficient light-emitting diode products. The LED changeover will reduce energy consumption by at least 50% and cut 8,800 tons of heat-trapping gas emissions, according to Virginia Department of Transportation estimates.

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