Regulatory/Utility Programs

Utility energy efficiency programs are an integral part of the energy efficiency landscape in Virginia. In the 2016 Virginia Energy Plan update, 98% of the programs measured toward the voluntary 10% energy reduction goal were utility-sponsored programs, highlighting the critically important role they play.

VAEEC Report Cover

Expanding utility energy efficiency programs in Virginia was one of five policy recommendations we made in our latest report.

According to Dominion’s 2017 Integrated Resource Plan, energy efficiency programs “are an important part of the company’s portfolio.”

We recommend the following policies to expand utility programs:

  • Establish uniform protocols for Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification (EM&V)
  • Include the economic benefits of energy efficiency when evaluating programs
  • Maintain an effective, data-driven process for evaluating programs

Robust EM&V protocols assure that customers receive the benefits that energy-efficiency programs are designed to deliver, which is why we support, and plan to participate in, the State Corporation Commission’s (SCC) stakeholder process to establish uniform protocols for evaluating and verifying the impacts of energy efficiency measures later this year.

Support of 2018 Utility Programs

  • Official Testimony to the State Corporation Commission on Appalachian Power demand-side management program by VAEEC Executive Directory Chelsea Harnish. (January 2018)

2017 Evaluation, Measurement & Verification (EM&V)

Support of 2017 Utility Programs
  • Official testimony to the State Corporation Commission on Dominion demand-side management program by VAEEC Executive Director Chelsea Harnish and by VAEEC Board member Andrew Grigsby. (February 2017)
  • VAEEC’s Post-Hearing Brief as part of Dominion’s DSM proceeding. (May 2017)

2016 Evaluation, Measurement & Verification (EM&V)

  • Letter to the State Corporation Commission re: RE: PUE-2016-00022, Ex Parte: In the matter of receiving input for evaluating the establishment of protocols, a methodology, and a formula to measure the impact of energy efficiency measures (Evaluation, Measurement & Verification or EM&V). The SCC’s call for comments on EM+V was part of legislation (HB 1053 and SB 395) that VAEEC supported during the 2016 session. Read the letter. (May 2016)
  • Synapse Energy Economics Memo to VAEEC on EM&V, referenced as “Attachment A” in the May 2016 letter to the SCC. Read the memo.(May 2016)
  • VAEEC Chair Cynthia Adams’ testimony to the SCC on EM&V at the July 12, 2016 hearing.
  • We have compiled comments to the SCC on EM+V from a variety or organizations that you can access here.

Regulatory, Other

  • Letter to Executive Order 57 Working Group re: solutions to reducing carbon emission from power plants. (April 2017)
  • Letter to Governor McAuliffe re: U.S. EPA’s proposed rule on emissions regulations. (June 2014)

Support of 2016 Utility Programs

  • Testimony before the State Corporation Commission in support of Dominion Virginia Power’s efficiency programs.  (March 2016)
  • Comments regarding Washington Gas Light Company’s Conservation and Ratemaking Efficiency Plan. (March 2016)

Support of 2012 Utility Programs

  • Press release announcing support for 2012 Dominion’s energy efficiency programs.