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The mission of project:HOMES is “improving lives by improving homes”, and they take a comprehensive approach to housing by challenging the misconceptions of affordable housing. Through the production and preservation of high-quality affordable homes, large-scale home repairs, and improved accessibility and energy efficiency for existing homes, they’ve completed more than 42,000 projects, helping more than 58,000 individuals and their families over the last thirty years.

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Project:HOMES is the second largest energy conservation and weatherization services provider in Virginia, working with low-income residents in 18 counties and 7 cities across Virginia, including along Virginia’s Eastern Shore. project:HOMES partners with utility providers like Dominion Energy and the Old Dominion Electric Cooperative to provide energy saving measures to homeowners spending a disproportionate amount of their income on utility costs, including solar. In FY23, these programs completed 3,602 projects. project:HOMES promotes energy conscious building practices across all their homeownership programs, including developing an innovative new manufactured home unit that provides significant energy savings for residents.

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