Community Housing Partners: “The Root of the Problem” 

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As told at the Spring 2017 VAEEC Meeting Member Round Robin.

Community Housing Partners Energy Solutions was called in to address the root causes of moisture issues in newly renovated energy efficient Earthcraft Virginia certified properties. CHP identified multiple contributing factors including mechanical design, lack of commissioning, knowledge by trades, and lack of education of residents and property maintenance employees. This issue has caused vacancies due to IAQ issues and lack of trust. The greatest issue CHP faced in addressing these issues was resistance to change. Despite the challenge, there are huge possibilities, as CHP tightens buildings they must make sure it is done correctly in both design and construction, as well as commissioning and education of the residents and maintenance technicians. If they don’t get it right, they could generate lack of faith or trust in building science and energy efficiency. Their next step is to develop a holistic system-wide approach for their development process, incorporating these new elements.