June 2022: Cadmus Group

Cadmus is a strategic and technical consultancy compelled to help solve the world’s most challenging problems. They assemble outstanding teams of leading experts who leverage transformative technologies to work seamlessly across disciplines and help you achieve extraordinary results. From energy, water, and transportation to safety, security, and resilience — together, they are strengthening society and the natural world. The work they do on behalf of their clients is often the first of its kind, largest of its kind, goals-exceeding, barrier-overcoming, and bar-raising, ensuring they deliver pioneering solutions. They’ve helped their clients achieve honors for outstanding results from top industry organizations, including the Association of Energy Service Professionals, the National Association of Government Communicators, CDP, and the American Institute of Architects.

Key Energy Efficiency Related Work

In response to goals established by the Virginia legislature in the 2018 Grid Transformation and Security Act (GTSA) and the Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA), Dominion Energy Virginia engaged Cadmus to develop a strategic long-term plan for energy efficiency, with recommendations s that include both increased stakeholder engagement, paths towards the energy savings targets in the law, and organizational transformation recommendations.

Cadmus conducted extensive research, gathered stakeholder input, and performed quantitative analysis to develop paths towards goal attainment, while emphasizing greater customer awareness, and optimizing the programs and available measures. The resulting structure consolidates Dominion’s existing portfolio of DSM programs into a more cohesive set of offerings to help its customers install energy efficiency upgrades in their homes and businesses. Among the considerations accounted for in Cadmus’ analysis were the potential energy savings impacts that would result from transitioning to this proposed program structure in combination with a broad customer awareness campaign and how these savings would affect Dominion’s ability to achieve its targets. The long-term plan Cadmus developed for Dominion ultimately outlined a framework for the utility’s customer-facing DSM programs and a path to transition its existing operating environment to achieve its goals of 5% cumulative energy savings, with 1.25% annual targets from 2022 through 2025, based on the company’s 2019 jurisdictional retail electric sales.

Cadmus’ approach ensured a no-surprises alignment of its long-term planning strategy with Dominion’s objectives and engaged stakeholders to maximize the likelihood of regulatory approvals. The long-term plan was filed in December 2021 and received positive support from Dominion stakeholders, setting Dominion on a path to achieve the energy savings targets set forth by the VCEA.

Additional Highlights

At Cadmus, their clients rely on us and come back to us because they know they are getting the best expertise in the industry. The real Cadmus advantage is in how they approach and solve problems. They identify articulated and discovered objectives and employ proven processes and peerless technical capability to find and analyze answers. Their iterative process gives clients real-time visibility to understand where the project is headed and modify if objectives change. Across their core areas of expertise, they help clients achieve their goals, whether it’s improving existing performance or planning for new initiatives. This includes serving clients with unsurpassed experience and technical expertise, leveraging core-adjacent expertise across sectors to provide optimal research and recommendations, and achieving continuous improvement through their unique marriage of predictive analytics and domain expertise.

Their clients include over 150 utility, private sector, regional and federal government clients throughout North America including 36 statewide, cross-state, and cross-jurisdictional clients. They have developed over 20 transformative planning and roadmap initiatives for clients across North America.

To view examples of projects and case studies, please visit their Knowledge Center. For more information, visit www.cadmusgroup.com.