June 2020: Edison Energy

Edison Energy provides independent, innovative solutions and services to help leading commercial, industrial and institutional clients navigate and optimize the key challenges of cost, carbon and the increasingly complex choices in energy.

Taking a collaborative and data led approach to analyzing and advising our clients on their energy portfolios – we design and implement solutions that meet their needs in renewables, energy supply & demand, and sustainability.

Our Energy Optimization Services team leverages both traditional demand side strategies and newly available supply side initiatives to ensure optimum facility performance and lower operating costs. With experience ranging from large-scale power generation to both traditional and complex, integrated building and energy systems, our solutions focus on the domains of building HVAC and controls, data analytics and monitoring, new energy technologies, renewables, and energy program development and training.


Key Energy Efficiency Related Work

Providing comprehensive consulting, engineering, and implementation services, Edison’s Energy Optimization Services team partners with clients as a strategic adviser, specialty implementer— or both—to design, develop and execute complex energy efficiency and conservation projects. Having identified, quantified, and implemented energy conservation measures and programs in over 600M square feet of commercial, industrial, and institutional space, clients utilizing our core offerings have saved billions of dollars in avoided energy costs.

Staffed with highly tenured professionals ranging from energy & field engineering, project management, design & construction, to market & procurement specialists, renewables and new energy technologies experts, our team has decades of hand-on experience to ensure our clients get the best results.

With a local presence, our team has familiarity with the Virginia market, assuring adherence to permitting and interconnection, codes, requirements, regional rebates/incentives, and other essential experience critical to ongoing oversight of energy efficiency projects.

A selection of notable project highlights are listed below.

Additional Highlights


  • Edison Energy was contracted by Virginia American Water for the retro-commissioning (retro-cx) of the HVAC systems at one of their key office personnel facilities. The team identified 21 retro-cx issues which were detailed in a comprehensive retro-cx report. As a result of the retro-cx work, Virginia American Water then reached out to Edison Energy to perform the actual turnkey design and implementation of the HVAC upgrade.
  • Edison Energy worked with the University of Richmond to perform a refresh of an Energy Master Plan originally developed in 2011. The intent of the Energy Master plan was to guide the University’s strategic and tactical efforts to meet the goals and objectives established in the University’s Climate Action Plan. This refreshed Energy Master Plan was organized as a guide to benchmark the University’s success over the years. Overall, 42 energy conservation measures were identified, which upon implementation, the university would see an IRR of 10.3% (15 years, 1% annual increase for energy costs).
  • The MITRE Corporation retained the commissioning services of Edison Energy to commission the HVAC systems in one of their facilities. The scope of work included design review, field verification, data collecting & testing, analysis and presentation of results & recommendations. Edison Energy identified 22 commissioning issues and recommended the implementation of measures that would increase occupant comfort, optimize energy use, and control utility cost.