April 2023: Washington Gas

Washington Gas offers a variety of energy saving programs and solutions designed to help both residential and commercial customers reduce their energy usage and save money.

The energy efficiency programs in Virginia are approved by the State Corporation Commission (VA SCC) in accordance with the VA Conservation & Ratemaking Efficiency (CARE) Act and will run from May 2022 to April 2025 for this cycle. These programs seek to reduce residential and commercial customers’ therm usage through high-efficiency equipment and appliance incentives, energy conservation kits, limited income weatherization programs, behavioral energy programs and customer education. The team at Washington Gas works with several program implementation vendors to deliver these programs to residential customers, commercial customers, and builders. Programs are available to existing residential and business customers, along with new construction incentives for builders and developers.

Washington Gas works with Community Housing Partners (CHP) Energy Solutions, a nonprofit organization based in Virginia, to install weatherization measures to qualified Virginia residents. The program provides energy efficiency measures to households living in affordable multifamily properties, as well as single-family homes. Learn more about the program and find out if you qualify here.

Key Energy Efficiency Related Work

Washington Gas offers its Virginia customers a variety of programs to help them reduce their gas usage. In 2022, Washington Gas expanded its program offerings to include:

  • Residential customers
    • Home Energy Savings Program: rebates on high-efficiency furnaces, water heaters, smart thermostats, and other equipment
    • Energy Conservation Kits: eligible residential customers can receive a free kit with do-it-yourself products like spray foam, caulk and weatherstripping.
    • Income Qualifying Program: Washington Gas provides free home energy audits, weatherization (e.g. insulation and air sealing), and other products and services to eligible customers at or below area income requirements
  • Commercial customers
    • Business Energy Solutions Program: rebates on high-efficiency space heating, water heating, food service, and other energy-saving equipment
    • Energy Conservation Kits: eligible commercial customers can receive a free kit with do-it-yourself products like spray foam, caulk, weatherstripping, and more

Additional Highlights

  • Washington Gas launched its energy efficiency microsite, which provides resources for customers to learn more about each program offering and how to participate. Visit wgsmartsavings.com.
  • In addition to energy efficiency programs, Washington Gas supports its customers in need of assistance through bill assistance, budget billing and other initiatives. Visit washingtongascares.com.

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