VAEEC Webinar Archive


April 20th: Leading By Example Through Building Performance

June 22nd: The Ins and Outs of Energy Performance Contracting


March 18th: Taking Advantage of the Latest Utility Programs

June 10th: Benchmarking Best Practices (targeting local government & state agency staff)

September 21st: Innovating the Building Envelope


January 15th: 2020 General Assembly Preview (Members-Only) 

June 17th: Navigating the NEW VAEEC Member Resource Portal (Members-Only)

Sept. 16th: Exploring Energy Management Software (Local Government Members Only)


March 5th: Overview of Dominion Energy’s Demand-Side Management (DSM) Filings with the SCC (Members-Only)

May 22nd: Capturing Available Rebates on Current & Past Energy Efficiency Projects

July 16th: Reducing Energy & Operating Costs Through Energy Savings Performance Contracts 

December 17th: The Evolution of C-PACE in the Mid-Atlantic


January: Policy Update & Legislative Priorities (Members-Only)

March: Dominion Energy & Appalachian Power Company’s DSM Filings with the SCC (Members-Only)

June: Building Envelope Improvements in Large Buildings (Members-Only)

August: Energy Plan Comments (Members-Only)

September: C-PACE in Virginia- Resources Available to Localities


February: Industrial Energy Efficiency Opportunities (sponsored by the Alliance for Industrial Efficiency)

April: Building Codes Comment Period Support (Members-Only)

June: Energy Efficiency in the Agricultural Sector

September: Commercial PACE Financing in Virginia (sponsored by Williams Mullen)


October: Property Assessed Clean Energy, or PACE, in Virginia

December: Building Codes