Welcome Harold Crowder, VAEEC’s new Managing Director

Recently the VAEEC Governance Board agreed that the growth and demands on the Council were moving so fast as to merit additional support. By bringing a Managing Director on board, we could get immediate help and have the time and resources to plan the longer term needs for the organization and that position.

Enter Harold Crowder, who stepped up to the plate as Managing Director in September.

Crowder has specialized in helping utilities develop utility-sponsored, energy-focused programs for the residential, commercial, and industrial customer classes, as well as energy efficiency services to low-income customer segments. He has worked as a design architect in residential, commercial and education facilities in the private sector before taking a leadership role in a corporate architectural/engineering design department. And he’s a twenty-eight year veteran of Dominion Virginia Power.

Harold unique blend of talent, education and experience will enable the Council to meet the current demands and plan a strategic vision for our future.

Welcome Harold!

Read Harold’s full bio. He can be reached at harold@vaeec.org.


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