VAEEC Submits Letter to Governor McAuliffe on EPA's Proposed Emissions Regulations

As you know on June 2 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced new restrictions on emissions from power plants. To be sure, controversy has followed as individuals, organizations, companies and politicians from across the spectrum take turns interpreting the rule.

Our approach has been to look at the rule through the lens of our constituency — the energy efficiency industry in Virginia — and provide insight and commentary from that perspective. To that end, we just submitted a letter to Governor McAuliffe outlining some of the myriad ways that energy efficiency is poised to make the EPA’s requirements attainable and smart for Virginia. An excerpt:

We believe that a focus on energy efficiency would provide an opportunity to address the potential federal guidelines while generating significant benefits for Virginians.  The Council stands ready to work with your Administration and all stakeholders to produce the best possible outcomes for the Commonwealth…

While there may be many tools to help meet the state’s emissions targets, energy efficiency represents a solution that has been proven to be among the most cost-effective options.  The proposed rule would also provide an opportunity to further the benefits that we are already experiencing – an increase of in-state jobs and related economic activity attributed to energy efficiency, and a vehicle for reducing energy bills through reduced demand.

 You can download the full letter here.

Read more on the role energy efficiency can play regarding the new EPA rule from the American Council on an Energy Efficiency Economy. 

And stay tuned as we will have more information and analysis of state and federal energy policies that impact — and are impacted by — our work in the energy efficiency sector.

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