VAEEC News: VAEEC Travels to D.C. to Encourage Congress to Act on Energy Efficiency

Contact: Cynthia Adams, Governance Board, Virginia Energy Efficiency Council


 Virginia Energy Efficiency Council (VAEEC) Travels to Washington to Encourage Congress: “Act on Energy Efficiency”

Charlottesville, VA – Cynthia Adams, Executive Director of the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) and Vice Chair of the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council, is traveling to Washington to meet with lawmakers about energy efficiency and the opportunity it presents for Virginia businesses.  Adams is joining business leaders from across the country in the Bipartisan Energy Efficiency Day, along with representatives from the nation’s leading energy efficiency providers, including Honeywell, Siemens, United Technologies Corporation, Schneider Electric, Ingersoll Rand, Danfoss, Johnson Controls Inc. and Owens Corning.

Adams will join other Virginia delegates to meet with their representatives in Congress to communicate the value of energy efficiency and share highlights from their own business experience. Participants include business leaders from Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Colorado, Virginia and North Carolina.

“Common sense energy legislation is a win-win that means savings for Virginia businesses and communities,” said Cynthia Adams, Executive Director of LEAP. “I’m joining Virginia business leaders in encouraging Congress to support bipartisan energy efficiency legislation that accelerates energy-savings practices, reduces government spending and saves taxpayers money.”

The Bipartisan Energy Efficiency Day is one of several educational events taking place on Capitol Hill this week to highlight the importance of energy efficiency to the American economy.  Also happening this week in Washington is:

·      Energy Efficiency: A Win-Win EESI Briefing: A panel hosted by the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) and featuring a discussion among leading energy efficiency providers on innovative solutions and services businesses have developed to reduce energy use in the building and industry sectors, and what policy makers can do to further promote energy efficiency gains.

·      The Alliance to Save Energy’s Great Energy Efficiency Day:  A half-day event featuring presentation and discussion focused on doubling U.S. energy productivity by 2030 through efforts at the local, state and federal level.

·      Next-Gen Data Centers: Bringing Energy Efficiency to Government:  A panel presentation featuring leading industry and academic experts who will discuss the nature and importance of the federal government as an early adopter of next-gen data center technologies.  Hosted by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) and the Digital Energy and Sustainability Solutions Campaign (DESSC).

These events come as Congress is considering several bipartisan energy efficiency bills that, if passed, could accelerate adoption energy efficiency technologies.

“Energy efficiency is a key driver of economic development,” added Adams.  “We are keen to see Congress act on bipartisan energy efficiency legislation that will help reduce energy consumption that will produce energy savings for businesses and families alike that makes our local economy more competitive and our communities stronger.”



The Virginia Energy Efficiency Council is a non-profit organization based in Virginia whose mission is to assess and support programs, innovation, best practices and policies which grow Virginia’s energy efficiency industry and to provide a forum for stakeholder interaction. For more information, visit:

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