Survey Says…Results of Our 2017 Membership Survey

VAEEC values each of our members and strives to design our programs and services in a way that best meets their needs while advancing energy efficiency throughout the Commonwealth. At the beginning of this year, we sent out a membership survey to provide all 80+ members with an easy way to voice their feedback, ideas, suggestions, and concerns.

Meetings: Length and Location

A few questions focused on our biannual meetings, which occur each year in the spring and fall. We were particularly curious if members wanted the length of these meetings to be extended and if the location should rotates throughout the state. The vast majority (80%) of survey respondents voiced that they would attend these events if they were extended to four hours, while 42% chose six hours, and 16% chose three hours. Several respondents commented that the Fall Meeting, which was three hours long, felt too rushed. (As a result, our Spring Meeting on May 19 will run 11am-3pm).

For location, 68% stated that they would attend the biannual meetings if the location rotated throughout the state. However, we received many comments stating that it would depend on the location and the length of the meeting. Several respondents suggested that the meetings stay in central Virginia (Fredericksburg, Williamsburg, Petersburg, and Charlottesville areas) in order to keep travel time at a minimum for those coming from different ends of the state.

Focus Areas

Another question focused on our members’ interest in VAEEC programmatic work. Respondents were asked to rank their interest between utility programs, building codes, benchmarking/data access, and Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing. Utility programs came in first, with building codes and benchmarking/data access at a close second and third, and PACE was ranked fourth.

When asked if there are other services that members would like their membership to include, 58% of respondents chose opportunities to present at our biannual meetings or webinar series. A member-only resource section on the website came in second at 50%, followed by more sponsorship opportunities at 8%. One comment that we found to be particularly helpful was to share the summary of the member round robins at the biannual meetings or to have a way for members to submit written report outs to share with other members. Other comments centered on legislative priorities, such as coordinating with elected officials, the Virginia Municipal League, and the Virginia Association of Counties.


As far as VAEEC engagement goes:

  • 95% of our responding members attend VAEEC events
  • 79% percent read our monthly e-newsletters and other emails
  • 58% visit the VAEEC website
  • 47% percent of respondents participate in our webinar series and follow us on social media.

A few respondents wrote in that they also engage with VAEEC through collaboration on specific projects.

Finally, a humbling 100% of respondents voiced that they would be willing to recommend VAEEC membership to colleagues or others in the Virginia energy efficiency industry. VAEEC thrives on the participation of our members, so we are thrilled to hear that those who responded are pleased with this partnership. Here are a couple of testimonies that were shared:

“VAEEC is the place to go for ‘across-the-board’ energy expertise specific to Virginia. I know that the information that I get from VAEEC is up to date and reliable. Because the membership is comprised of the industry leaders I can trust that I am getting the best information available. And because it represents all energy-efficiency interests, VAEEC is unbiased in its information and its conclusions.”

“I believe the VAEEC draws from all sectors of the state and is attracting a group of knowledgeable, decision maker type individuals which is important to move things forward. I appreciate the opportunity to network with these individuals. In addition, I believe the VAEEC has done a great job in moving energy legislation/initiatives forward in Virginia.”

VAEEC is constantly striving to provide our members with the resources they need to succeed. If you were unable to fill out the survey, or if you have additional feedback you would like to provide, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

If you are considering becoming a VAEEC member, you can find details on membership levels and benefits, as well as an application, here.