Seat Open on Virginia’s Board of Housing and Community Development

VAEEC Members Encouraged to Apply or Suggest Nominees

February 2017: Virginia’s Board of Housing and Community Development will be filling one seat early this summer. VAEEC would like to see a strong number of diverse nominations representing the energy efficiency industry.

Why is this important to VAEEC?

Members of the governor-appointed Housing and Community Development Board guide and vote upon the content of Virginia’s triennial update of building codes – including the energy efficiency code. Currently Virginia lags behind our neighbors to the north and south for requiring some of the advancements in efficiency standards and testing. Advanced energy codes are among the most cost-effective methods of saving energy, lowering the total cost of housing, improving health and comfort in homes, and improving quality throughout the homebuilding industry. Learn more about the importance of strong energy codes from the U.S. Department of Energy and the Responsible Energy Codes Alliance.

What can you do?

The open seat is in Virginia’s 1st congressional district, and nominees have to reside in the district to be eligible. The 1st district is represented by Rob Whittman and stretches from Williamsburg up through Fredericksburg and Stafford. Not sure if you reside in this district? Check who your legislators are here by entering your address in the yellow circle.

The seat will be filled by July 1, but the administration is expected to identify candidates soon.

Please reach out to me at if you’d like to be nominated or can suggest a candidate worthy of support.

Learn more about the Board and the nomination process.