Q&A on VAEEC’s Energy Efficiency Leadership Awards

On September 7 we hosted a conference call to answer questions about our upcoming VAEEC Energy Efficiency Leadership. Below you’ll find a rough transcript of that Q&A. Please direct additional questions about the awards to info@vaeec.org.

  1. What should we expect at VAEEC’s First Annual Awards Ceremony?

We first wanted to see what type of applicants we would get- we received 2 dozen. We have two application categories: One for business and one for projects.

The type of sector your organization works in will help determine the award categories. The decision will be made by the Selection Committee. The selection committee is made up of 6 people- 3 members and 3 board members.

The application process closes Friday October 14th. The Selection Committee will convene and will have a chance to review all applications to discuss criteria and our nominees in each category. We really want to showcase as many companies as possible and show how much work is going on in Virginia. It’s important that we highlight as many companies as possible.

  1. The nomination application process seems simple and wants applicants to list out goals and outcomes of their project. Is that all you want to know?

Yes, we researched what other awards applications looked for and they are very similar.

  1. Do the nominees and specific projects have to be in Virginia?

The company does not have to be headquartered in Virginia, but they should have an office in Virginia. For projects, yes, it has to be in Virginia. The project already be completed.

  1. Is there a minimum requirement for how long a project has been completed?

No requirements.

  1. When is the Application Deadline?

Friday October 14th

  1. What does the Selection Committee process look like?

The staff will package applications for the Selection Committee to review once the application process closes on October 14th. The Selection Committee will convene 2 meetings: one in late October and one in early November.

Grading sheets will be used so that each project and company will be graded based upon the same merits. The Selection Committee will then come back for a second meeting during the first week of November to discuss grades and choose winners. The staff will then reach out to award winners to make sure someone from the company can attend the Awards Ceremony.

  1. When will you notify the winner?

We will notify winners the second or third week of November- definitely before Thanksgiving.

  1. When and where is the Awards Ceremony?

The Awards Ceremony will take place at the University of Richmond on November 29, 2016 from 4:30pm-6pm, immediately following the VAEEC biannual member meeting.


1:00-400pm Member Meeting

4:30-6:00pm Awards Ceremony

We want this to be a more laid back and networking atmosphere where energy efficiency industry representatives can celebrate our collective efforts in the energy efficiency field.

We are also looking for sponsors for the full day. We plan to announce our sponsor packages sometime next week. Award winners and nominees will be able to sponsor the event if they so choose.

  1. Is there a ticket cost to get into the ceremony?

We’re doing something new this Fall and will be charging non-members for the member meeting. The Awards Ceremony will be free of charge. Overall the purpose of the meeting will be to raise awareness for the Council and to celebrate energy efficiency efforts in Virginia. We are excited to showcase the work you all have done in the state.