October 5 is National Energy Efficiency Day: How you can get involved

Energy Efficiency Day#EEDay2016

On October 5, 2016, a network of groups and partners across the country will join together to promote the benefits of energy efficiency, for the first-ever, nationwide, Energy Efficiency Day campaign. This social media and press effort aims to raise awareness among the public and media by organizing participants to share related content, stories and concrete examples of the positive impact of energy efficiency.

  • Highlight positive, nonpartisan messaging about energy efficiency
  • Show the positive impact of energy efficiency across a range of energy users
  • Share concrete, effective ways to save energy and money

Opportunities to Participate: 

Government, corporate, and industrial partners can help support Energy Efficiency Day 2016 by sharing appropriate content and reaching out to the media on and before October 15, 2016.  Help amplify the campaign’s energy efficiency messages via your communications channels:

  • Use the campaign’s sample social media posts and memes (or your own) to direct visitors to energy efficiency tips on your own website.
  • Write and post a blog about your energy efficiency success story, tips, or stories ahead of the 2016 Energy Efficiency Day.
  • Issue your own press statement urging your audiences to save energy, save money.
  • Promote your own energy efficiency success stories during and after the campaign.

You can download the Energy Efficiency Day toolkit here and access tons of other resources (sample content, logos, etc) online. 

We encourage all VAEEC members to take part in Energy Efficiency Day through whatever appropriate means, including using #EEDay2016 in social media, pitching reporter contacts and reaching out to your customers/members/supporters via email leading up to and on October 5.

The inaugural Energy Efficiency Day is a collaborative effort of regional and national organizations working to promote energy efficiency. Participating organizations include:

  • Advanced Energy Economy
  • Alliance to Save Energy (VAEEC member)
  • American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
  • Appliance Standard Awareness Project
  • Climate Nexus
  • E4theFuture (VAEEC member)
  • Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance
  • Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
  • Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships
  • Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
  • NRDC
  • Resource Media
  • Sierra Club (VAEEC member)
  • Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance
  • South-Central Partnership for Energy Efficiency as a Resource
  • Southwest Energy Efficiency Project

A number of other companies and organizations have already expressed interest in participating in Energy Efficiency Day 2016. A full list of supporters (updated frequently) is available here.