Waugh and Cummings: Virginia can grow clean energy business, cut energy costs and create jobs

On Sept. 22, our two organizations participated in an event with significant implications for families and businesses throughout the region. The Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce, which recognizes that clean energy delivers real economic benefits to the businesses and communities of Southwest Virginia, hosted Governor McAuliffe and business leaders, including Trane, at a Clean Energy Business Roundtable. The discussion highlighted how clean energy businesses can bring economic development and job growth to communities in Southwest Virginia. Governor McAuliffe’s presence demonstrated his strong commitment to building a robust clean energy sector as part of the New Virginia Economy.

At the roundtable, the chamber, Trane and other attendees talked about how growth in renewable energy and energy efficiency services is a win-win for the region and the state, bringing economic development and a bright future for workers today and for future generations. Renewable energy and energy efficiency companies, including both producers and consumers on a residential and industrial scale, had the opportunity to show the governor and other elected leaders the considerable economic impact we are having on the region.

We discussed ways to grow the clean energy sector, by expanding existing clean energy programs and establishing new policies to create more opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy. The goal we all share is to attract more businesses to every region of the commonwealth and make us a national leader in clean energy.

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