(VAEEC Interview) E4TheFuture: Energy Efficiency Jobs Now Outnumber Elementary and Middle School Teachers Nationwide

The non-profit E4TheFuture has just released a report that says energy efficiency employs 2.25 million Americans, and puts Virginia in the top ten.

There has been a dramatic increase in energy efficiency jobs in Virginia since last census in 2013. “Energy efficiency grew from a $300 million industry in 2013 to a $1.5 billion industry in 2016,” said Chelsea Harnish, Executive Director of the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council that promotes and lobbies for the industry.

“Just this year, the General Assembly passed a bill that commits the electric utilities in Virginia to spend over a billion dollars on efficiency programs for consumers over the next decade,” said Harnish.

E4 says Virginia has over 76,000 people in construction, installing energy-saving windows and doors, air conditioning, insulation, lighting and manufacturing appliances.

Listen to the interview here (NPR: Community Idea Stations)