Three Reasons Trump Doesn’t Matter to Energy Policy

The forces driving clean energy are likely to continue progressing regardless of efforts by President-elect Donald Trump to reverse them, a leading expert in energy policy said last week at Stanford University.

“I’m not saying it’s a good thing. We’re going to lose a lot of good stuff, but it’s not as bleak for this purpose as one might expect,” said Hal Harvey, CEO of Energy Innovation—an energy policy research firm based in San Francisco—during a Nov. 28 lecture at Stanford. The Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy released video of Harvey’s lecture on Monday.

Harvey briefed the Stanford audience on a paper he published earlier this year, “Climate: How To Win,” in which he describes ten successful energy policies and the six qualities they share. The paper considers policies like efficiency standards for fuel and appliances, building codes and renewable portfolio standards, and it notes the shared qualities of successful ones: they set goals, reward performance, require continuous improvement, etc.

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