Sports Stadiums Excelling in Energy Efficiency

The start of football season is a great time to acknowledge the sports complexes that are excelling in energy efficiency. Check out these five sport venues that are taking “save energy and save money” to the next level by optimizing energy use before, during, and after each game.

1. Philadelphia Eagles’ Lincoln Financial Field (a.k.a. The Linc). In 2003, the Eagles launched their Go Green program and since then has been awarded LEED Silver Certification from the US Green Building Council. By retrofitting the complex with energy-saving lighting, the Eagles have thus far saved up to five years in electric costs. The building’s installed automated lighting saves over $50,000 a year through shutdowns when a room is not in use.

2. Miami Heat’s American Airlines Arena. The Heat has taken huge strides toward energy efficiency by lowering its energy consumption by 53 percent while at the same time saving $1.6 million each year.

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