It’s A Polar Vortex, Bomb Cyclone, Martian Kind Of Winter. Energy Efficiency Is Here To Help.

For most of the United States, this is going to be a frigid winter. With temperatures on the East Coast registering, in some places, colder than Mars, and areas in the south getting snow for the first time in 28 years, this is shaping up to be a historic cold spell. Keeping your home warm and comfortable will be paramount. Of course, buying the most efficient appliances and devices – such as those with the ENERGY STAR label – is a sure-fire way to build in energy savings for the long run. But for everyone in a pinch right now, here are five easy, inexpensive tips for a warmer, more efficient home or apartment:

Heating Problems. There’s no way around it: staying warm is a priority during the winter. But did you know that heating typically makes up about 42% of your utility bill? By combining proper equipment maintenance, upgrading your insulation and changing your thermostat settings, you can save roughly 30% of your energy bill, while also reducing carbon emissions. Even if you can only do one of these things – like lowering your thermostat when you’re away or sleeping – you can see impressive monthly savings.

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