It’s Personal: Moving From Transactions to Customer Relationships

As consumers, we have been conditioned to expect efficient, seamless and customized interactions with our service providers — from our phone company to our bank. And we’ve become accustomed to these providers widening their net and delivering a broader array of services over time.

Take, for example, credit card companies. Ten years ago, they were a means to an end. A customer purchased what she needed on credit, and then paid the bill either when it arrived or slowly over time. Today, credit card companies have become a financial hub for many consumers — in addition to providing value added services, like points and rewards, they also provide security and monitoring, alerting customers when fraud is suspected or detected.

So, how have credit card companies successfully moved from a space based purely on transactions to one that is built upon a strong customer relationship? By using customer data to deliver personalization at each moment of the customer journey.

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