Mark Jackson-Patagonia Weatherization Tour

VAEEC Member and Board Member

In February, VAEEC Board Member Mark Jackson embarked on the Patagonia Weatherization  Tour. As Vice President and COO for Weatherizers Without Borders, Mark was part of a group of US weatherizes that visited the cities Bariloche and San Martin de los Andes before finishing the tour in Santiago, Chile. The team visited a site in Bariloche where they plan to develop the first weatherization training center outside the US.

Mark participated in conferences and presentations in Patagonia in Argentina and Chile. The meetings drew in a crowd of experts, professionals and South American weatherizers who had the chance to meet with discuss experiences with US experts as well. Mark visited weatherized homes and saw the impacts weatherization is having in Latin America.

The tour ended in Santiago de Chile where the weatherizes plan to start a pilot program before mid 2018.

To read more about the tour and see pictures from the trip visit the weatherizer’s blog.