In Virginia, the Trump effect on environment is beginning to come into focus

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce and the Virginia League of Conservation Voters often take opposite sides on environmental issues.

But the leaders of the chamber and the league agree on this: President Donald Trump’s environmental agenda so far is flawed.

Not beyond repair, suggests Barry DuVal, a former Newport News mayor who presides over the chamber. He indicated the group’s “mixed view” of Trump would be much more positive if the president dropped his proposal to eliminate federal funding for the Chesapeake Bay cleanup. Improving the bay’s health is good for business too, DuVal said.

Michael Town, the conservation league’s executive director, sees no chance for redemption, however, in Trump. He’s seen enough of the president’s budget proposals and executive orders to declare him “a tremendous disaster when it comes to the environment … not good for the health of our children and not good for the economy.”

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