Governor challenges Dominion to accelerate energy efficiency education and education program

During a day-long tour of three locations receiving energy efficiency improvements, Governor McAuliffe challenged Dominion Virginia Power to accelerate outreach efforts by attending 400 events in the next 12 months, reaching as many as 240,000 people. This would double the number of events held and people reached by Dominion compared to last year. The outreach is intended to educate Virginians about the value of energy efficiency in reducing energy consumption and lowering their power bills.

“The progress we have made over the past year demonstrates the impact simple, low-cost energy efficiency measures can have on lowering energy bills,” said Governor McAuliffe, speaking at the first of three stops today. “In addition to working directly with consumers to use energy more efficiently, I am challenging Dominion to expand its efforts to educate people on the value of energy conservation and how reducing energy consumption can save them money. Our electric utilities are in the perfect position to drive this education and outreach, which is what this challenge is all about.”

“We accept Gov. McAuliffe’s challenge to reach even more low-income customers with solutions to reduce energy consumption,” said Robert M. Blue, president of Dominion Virginia Power. “We will continue to place strong emphasis on the energy efficiency measures that any consumers can take to reduce energy usage and save on their bills.”

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