For economic growth, the next governor should look to advanced energy

In three days, Virginians will go to the polls to elect the next governor of the commonwealth and a new House of Delegates. There are many important issues that will be facing our elected officials over the next four years. Among them is growing our economy. Focusing on advanced energy and the jobs it can bring to Virginia would be a good place to start.

Advanced energy is the sleeping giant of Virginia’s energy economy. Virginians probably don’t realize that the commonwealth ranks 10th nationally in the total number of advanced energy jobs, with 81,150 people employed in the sector, nearly as many as work in hospitals. More than 75,000 workers are involved in making homes and commercial buildings more energy efficient — as many as are employed in supermarkets and grocery stores. In electric power, solar energy employs nearly twice as many Virginians as coal, oil, and natural gas generation — more than 4,300, versus fewer than 2,400.

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