GIS Maps Help Northern Virginia Consider Energy Efficiency

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April 12, 2019

GIS Maps Help Northern Virginia Consider Energy Efficiency

 Virginia Energy Efficiency Council develops maps, promotes C-PACE program

 ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Virginia Energy Efficiency Council has developed geographic information system (GIS) maps for localities across Virginia, including Alexandria, Loudoun and Fairfax County, to demonstrate the potential for building owners to engage in cost-saving energy efficiency measures.

 The maps demonstrate which buildings are eligible for the Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program throughout these localities. Commercial, industrial, agricultural, nonprofit and multifamily residences with five or more dwellings are included in the maps. While promoting the C-PACE program, key feedback from localities is that they are hesitant to move forward with C-PACE without knowing the demand from the business community.

“The C-PACE program is designed for building owners to consider ways they can be more energy efficient,” said Jessica Greene, outreach director of VAEEC. “It allows them to upgrade their buildings for better water conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy. The maps are our way of demonstrating the potential demand for C-PACE and to increase awareness about its benefits for local property owners.”

Alexandria, Fairfax County and Loudoun have recognized the value of C-PACE and are working toward participation in the program with the help of the GIS maps. Here are current updates on GIS mapping and C-PACE in these localities:

  • City of Alexandria
    • Requested additional maps for properties built/last renovated before 2010 and between 2000-2010
    • These dates were requested due to a green building initiative that the city implemented
  • Fairfax County
    • Ordinance was approved by Board of Supervisors during March 19, 2019 meeting
    • VAEEC participated in the Fairfax County C-PACE Stakeholders Group to review/provide feedback on the draft ordinance
    • Fairfax County’s program is set to be the first in the state to make resiliency and stormwater measures eligible for C-PACE financing
  • Loudoun County
    • Board of Supervisors approved ordinance during February 2019 meeting
    • Currently in procurement process for program administrator
    • RFP for program administration services has been released
    • Loudoun decided not to use C-PACE for multifamily buildings, so residential buildings are not included in the maps

“Ultimately, taking the steps to be more energy efficient will pay off for building owners,” Greene said. “These maps are a helpful starting point in promoting clean energy financing through this unique program. We’re excited about the opportunity to work with Alexandria, Loudoun and Fairfax County officials to continue to share the value of C-PACE, a truly unmatched and innovative financing tool for business owners in the area.”

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Founded in 2012, VAEEC is a 501c3 organization, headquartered in Richmond, that provides a platform for stakeholder engagement while assessing and supporting programs and policies that advance energy efficiency in Virginia. We engage our members to identify barriers to and opportunities for energy efficiency advancement, and to develop a strong, fact-based, and balanced industry voice before local, state, and national policymakers and regulators. Our diverse group of over 100 members includes Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, local governments, state agencies, and more. The VAEEC’s goal is to ensure that energy efficiency is recognized as an integral part of Virginia’s economy and clean energy future.

VAEEC is part of the Mid-Atlantic PACE Alliance, or MAPA, working to accelerate the implementation of C-PACE programs in the region.