Must Watch: New Series of Short Videos from VAEEC

One of the challenges we face in the energy efficiency industry is that it’s largely invisible. As we like to say, lying in your bed you don’t necessarily know the insulation level in your attic. Walking around your neighborhood you might miss the houses built above code. Eating at your favorite restaurant you wouldn’t know that they just did a lighting retrofit. Sitting at your desk you might not have heard that the building recently installed a high efficiency heating and cooling system.

Nor would you know that all of those things were enabled by a policy or program: a rebate on an energy efficiency appliance, utility financial support for weatherizing homes, a program to engage commercial property owners, legislation that enabled regulations, or the state building code.

So we produced a new video series to help SHOW energy efficiency in action. 

The first series of short videos focuses on four key policies that we also highlighted in our 2017 “Why Energy Efficiency is a Smart Investment” report: Building Codes, Energy Performance Contracting, Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing and Utility Programs.

We hope you’ll watch and share with your colleagues. We look forward to showing them to members, prospective members, and decision-makers as we work to expand awareness and uptake of energy efficiency in Virginia.

Thank you to all of the people, companies and organizations that participated in the videos — both those who you’ll see on the screen, and those that provided us photos and video footage: Community Housing Partners, Local Energy Alliance Program, Southland and Trane. The videos were produced by Odyssey Productions. Funding was provided by VAEEC member E4TheFuture.