Member Spotlight: Siemens

VAEEC is pleased to spotlight the companies, organizations, utilities and municipalities it works with to advance energy efficiency in Virginia.

November 2013 Member Spotlight: Siemens

We are the Infrastructure and Cities Sector (IC) of Siemens Industry, Inc. (SII).  We are proud to be a leading provider of energy and environmental solutions, building controls, electrical distribution equipment, fire safety and security systems solutions, and guaranteed performance contracting solutions.   Our major markets served are Local Government and Municipalities, Water and Wastewater, Higher Education, K12 Schools, Healthcare, Federal Government, and Commercial Buildings.

We provide a full range of services and solutions from more than 100 wholly owned U.S. branch office locations coast-to-coast, serving America’s infrastructure and building needs for comfort, efficiency, security, and environmental friendliness, helping our customers save money in each of these aspects.  Worldwide, our division is nearly 30,000 employees strong and operates from more than 500 locations in 51 countries.  In fiscal 2012, worldwide our division had revenues of $7.8 billion.

In what ways does your company promote energy efficiency?

Siemens promotes energy efficiency by providing comprehensive energy and sustainability master planning combined with expertise in project implementation and ongoing services. This optimization leads to better insights throughout the process and delivers maximum results for the customer.  Siemens is uniquely qualified to provide an integrated approach across three disciplines (efficiency, supply and sustainability), which means reduced risk and improved results through coordination and prioritization of measures. Our dedicated and experienced teams of local experts are supported by the Siemens global network, which has resulted in a world-class ranking according to our customers.

How do you describe the value of energy efficiency to your customers?

In order to obtain optimal results from energy efficiency efforts, an important integration between energy efficiency, energy supply and sustainability must take place. These three categories combine to create comprehensive and powerful results for the customer. Addressing all three categories can greatly benefit their business.  The customer has the opportunity to significantly increase their energy efficiency efforts and protect their investment.

What innovations or trends do you expect to see in the near future?

The Energy & Sustainability market has evolved significantly over the past ten years. Today, energy management and environmental sustainability are key foundational elements of business strategy that are being driven by customers, shareholders, employees, communities and suppliers. We will continue to see an increase in environmental responsibility and a rise in setting of emission reduction goals with aspiration to become net zero.  There will be a greater reliance on energy to produce core product/service. As countries become more dependent on energy, they are faced with meet their nations’ energy requirements. They will need to reduce demand or build new generation plants. Legislation will continue to play a role in meeting demands and mandates.

What do you hope to accomplish as a member of the VAEEC?

Through membership in VAEEC, Siemens hopes to coordinate its efforts with others in the Virginia energy industry to promote and expand the use of economical and environmentally responsible energy efficient technologies and methods in Virginia.

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