Member Spotlight: Altus Corporation

VAEEC is pleased to spotlight the companies, organizations, utilities and municipalities it works with to advance energy efficiency in Virginia.

December 2013 Member Spotlight: Altus Corporation

Altus Corporation is a commercial mechanical and controls contractor based in Virginia, serving the mid-Atlantic and southeast states.  We have the honor of serving Retail Store Chains, Local Governments, Utility Companies, Federal Government Offices, Automated Regional Distribution Centers, Warehouses, Country Clubs,  Climate Controlled Wine Distribution Centers, Property Management Companies, Energy Service Companies and Universities.


In what ways does your company promote energy efficiency?

The management at Altus Corporation chose to become involved in energy conservation during the Energy Crisis of the 1970’s.  Since those days of the early ‘Energy Management Systems’ Altus Corporation has installed  hundreds of automation systems throughout the region.  Our focus on energy conservation and the countless benefits conservation provides to our customers, to the environment and to future generations is an integral part of the services we offer.  Whether proposing solutions to the simplest of air distribution problems, motor replacements or major equipment replacements, we offer efficiency upgrades as the preferred option.   We have promoted energy efficiency through our customers and our competitors as active supporters of the Association Of Energy Engineers since it’s inception.


How do you describe the value of energy efficiency to your customers?

Some of our customers prefer to explain the value of energy efficiency to us.  One facilities manager in particular describes how they have reduced their annual corporate energy usage while adding tens of thousands of square feet of new facilities.  We are fortunate to have customers that recognized early on that energy conservation not only improves their bottom line, but is the socially responsible way to conduct their businesses.  They also recognize that minimizing energy cost is essential to surviving in today’s competitive market.


What innovative trends do you expect to see in the near future?

We are pleased to see new energy saving technologies becoming economically viable such as variable frequency drives in single zone rooftop units.  We also expect to see the marriage of new and old technologies in addressing the ventilation air requirements in the current codes.  In addition, we expect to see Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) and Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) systems become more popular in the states in coming years.  Hopefully some of the American equipment manufacturers will develop their own systems so that we can maintain our ‘Buy American’ preference.


What do you hope to accomplish as a member of the VAEEC?

We believe that membership in the VAEEC will allow us to stay up to date with, and contribute to, energy efficiency improvements and clean energy in Virginia.

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