Industry Spotlight: Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

VAEEC is pleased to spotlight the companies, organizations, utilities and municipalities it works with to advance energy efficiency in Virginia.

September 2012 Industry Spotlight: Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) delivers electricity to over 155,000 connections throughout portions of 22 counties in Virginia. As an industry leader, REC brings innovative technology, programs and services to its members, allowing them to easily incorporate and adopt energy efficiency initiatives into their daily routines.


In what ways does your company promote or service energy efficiency in your programs?

As a not-for-profit electric utility, REC focuses on providing its members with solutions they can rely on to improve their quality of life and the comfort of their home. REC works directly with its members through education programs (like the Together We Save campaign) and initiatives (such as its new Home Performance with ENERGY STAR pilot program) that focus on energy efficiency. As an industry leader, REC has been offering members the opportunity to participate in demand response programs since 1978, when it launched its water heater load management program. As a provider of both water heater and air conditioning load management programs, REC members are able to voluntarily contribute to Co-op wide load reduction.

How do you describe the value of energy efficiency to your customers and members?

REC recognizes that energy efficiency is the key to managing energy usage and lowering energy bills, and serves as a primary supplement to new generation resources. Through consistent and comprehensive programs, services and communications about little changes adding up to big energy savings, REC is making its members, and the communities it serves, contributors to efforts to ensure electricity remains reliable and affordable.

What innovations or trends do you expect to see in the near future?

Awareness and availability of information are crucial elements for REC’s members as the Cooperative strives to empower them to take advantage of energy efficiency services and energy management. With evolving tools and resources, REC expects to offer advanced technology, enabling members to better understand how they are using electricity, when they are using electricity and how to make adjustments to meet their desired expense goals. These efforts will allow members to make lasting changes to their lifestyles, and to make effective decisions about how they are using devices and equipment within their homes and about where their dollars go. As energy policies are formed at the local, state and national levels, members will likely begin to see increased opportunities to utilize renewable energy within their power grid.

What do you hope to accomplish as part of the VAEEC?

REC wants to position itself as an industry leader in energy efficiency and to help guide statewide initiatives already in place or ones that will be developed in the future. The Cooperative is looking out for the best interests of its members, while working with other organizations and companies to develop consistent statewide messages, programs and services that benefit all consumers in Virginia. With a 75-year history, REC’s experience, knowledgeable team of employees, and nationwide network of electric cooperatives, REC aims to assist the state in becoming a model for energy efficiency.

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