October 2020: ANTARES Group, Inc.

ANTARES Group Incorporated (ANTARES) is an engineering consulting and project development firm assisting clients to develop and implement low carbon energy solutions that include renewable energy, energy efficiency, resiliency, and sustainable agriculture. Founded in 1992, our clients range from small commercial and industrial companies to Fortune 500 utility companies and federal agencies with global reach. ANTARES services include energy audits, carbon neutrality and verification services, renewable energy project development, owner’s engineering, and policy analysis and support.

Key Energy Efficiency Related Work

ANTARES conducts single building and campus audits for industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities. These analyses support a variety of client efforts including development of energy roadmaps defining strategies to reduce energy consumption and carbon impact. Additionally, ANTARES has aided utilities and public benefit administrators in reviewing custom energy efficiency project applications used to fulfill energy efficiency portfolios.  Custom applications reviewed include HVAC, lighting, compressed air, and process efficiency improvement projects.  ANTARES also provides evaluations of indoor air quality as it pertains to COVID-19 mitigation. We are currently advising federal clients on this and other facility and campus resilience issues.

Our staff are dedicated to the idea that the dominance of clean energy within our global energy supply is inevitable. This vision is a unifying force in our company that motivates us to help our clients realize this future in practical and sustainable ways;  namely by providing high-quality services within the renewable energy and energy efficiency market that are consistent with our client’s needs and their available resources.