May 2021: PEG, LLC

PEG, LLC is in its 23rd year as a diverse energy efficiency, engineering, environmental, and management consulting firm operating principally in the Eastern and Central United States. PEG specializes in building energy performance, green building program compliance, building diagnostics, environmental and code compliance, thermal performance, HVAC design and operation, and construction defect. These capabilities have enabled PEG to become a leader in the application of national green building standards and demand side energy efficiency protocols. Operating as a design consultant and “boots on the ground” interim and continuous inspection agent, PEG leads the way in verification of effective planning and real-world application of all aspects of sustainable construction. PEG performs at every level of contracting from commercial structures to residential dwellings to charitable endeavors.


Key Energy Efficiency Related Work

PEG recently won the 2021 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year—Sustained Excellence Award. This is the fifth consecutive win for the company! PEG has provided expert energy modeling services to existing clients and potential clients to help them achieve the most cost effective and productive results. Despite challenges brought on by Covid 19 restrictions and drastically increased lumber costs for residential new construction, PEG expanded their participation in the ENERGY STAR Certified New Homes program with both existing and new builders. PEG is recognized as a leader in residential HVAC design.  This enables our ENERGY STAR builders to reduce overall construction costs, increase comfort in their ENERGY STAR Certified Homes, and standardize their building plans and practices. Thereby, enhancing the consistency of the construction of their homes as well as meeting consumers’ expectations for an ENERGY STAR Certified New Home.  PEG has also maintained a Quality Assurance Program that exceeds the RESNET QA minimum percentage standards while continuing to inspect and test 100% of certified homes despite emergency measures in place for allowed use of default values.

Additional Highlights

Additionally, PEG has participated in a Virtual Blower Door Training as part of their partnership with HBAV as their official Building Science partner.  PEG is helping Home Builders Association of Virginia members prepare for the new blower door testing requirement that will be ensuring new homes built in Virginia are actually meeting the code requirements for envelope performance.

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Last year, PEG was retained by Fannie Mae to help develop and implement a Green Mortgage-Backed Security (MBS) program. This included an independent verification process for validating ENERGY STAR Certified New Homes for inclusion in the FANNIE MAE Green Mortgage-Backed Security program, which is meeting a long-desired need for a method of monetization of ESG goals.  Since its introduction to the market a year ago, the Single-Family Green MBS program has sparked interest from a variety of investors including insurers, banks, and money managers. PEG provided analysis and empirical data to Fannie Mae in support of their position that ENERGY STAR should be the participation threshold for builders.

Click here to read Fannie Mae’s blogpost on Single-Family Green Mortgage-Backed Securities Blossom in First Year: