March 2019: NEST

Our March Featured Member of the Month -Nest’s mission is to create a thoughtful home that takes care of the people inside of it and the world around it. We work with energy partners around the world to help them create programs that advance energy efficiency, demand management, and innovative rate designs.

Nest works with 100+ energy companies in the United States, including Columbia Gas of Virginia and AEP, to help advance customer engagement and demand side management goals. Nest also works with energy, government and nonprofit partners on income qualified programs through the Power Project, which launched in April 2018 to bring 1M smart thermostats to income qualified homes over the next five years.with. Additionally, Nest helps its partners enable customer engagement and energy management programs with Google Assistant.

Google and Nest are eager to work with any interested partners in Virginia to advance these important customer goals. Please reach out to if interested in discussing partnership possibilities.