June 2019: Community Housing Partners

Featured Member: Community Housing Partners

Headquartered in Christiansburg, Virginia, Community Housing Partners (CHP) has provided weatherization services to vulnerable communities in Virginia for over 40 years through the Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program. Weatherization is the practice of using building science to make homes more energy efficient while ensuring the health, comfort, and safety of the occupants. This helps low-income families spend less on their utility bills.

In 1999, CHP saw an opportunity to take their experience and observed best practices to provide comprehensive, house-as-a-system building science training to weatherization providers in Virginia and states across the country. Since 2012, CHP has expanded its weatherization influence abroad by partnering with a non-governmental organization in Buenos Aires, Argentina to establish the Weatherizers Without Borders initiative.

As Virginia utilities have advanced energy efficiency and weatherization goals, CHP has been proud to provide services through utility-sponsored income and age-qualifying programs. Through these programs alone, CHP has improved the homes of over 10,000 families in Virginia. Since 2016, estimated energy savings total over 13 million kilowatt-hours of electricity and over two hundred thousand therms of natural gas – the equivalent of removing approximately 1,000 households from the grid. The associated reduction in emissions is equivalent to removing nearly 2,300 passenger vehicles off the road. The work includes installing insulation, upgrading lighting and water fixtures to high-efficiency models, insulating water heaters and pipes, and air sealing the building envelope.  

CHP looks forward to continuing this work with their utility partners, who understand and value the services weatherization brings to their customers.

For more information about CHP’s utility programs, please contact Chase Counts, Director of Utility Programs, at ccounts@chpc2.org or 540-260-9081 ext. 4022.