January 2019: D+R International

D+R Internationalour VAEEC January Featured Member of the Monthconnects people, data, and opportunities to transform disruption into innovative market solutions for a new energy future. Since its founding in 1985, D+R has worked with manufacturers, distributors, utilities, efficiency advocates, government agencies, and other industry stakeholders on some of the nation’s leading programs that increase adoption of energy-efficient products and practices.

Energy project and program success depends on good research, reliable data through data collection, and the ability to measure outcomes accurately. D+R’s strength in program management and support, data collection and analysis, market research, and partnership development comes from many years of experience, innovative thinking, deep understanding of markets and consumer behavior, and the ability to bring together stakeholders who often have disparate interests.

D+R serves as program manager and/or provides significant program support for many of the most influential efficiency programs in the country, including ENERGY STAR, DesignLights Consortium, Weatherization, LED Lighting Facts, Reduced Wattage Lamp Replacement Initiative, Energy Efficiency of Set-Top Boxes and the Voluntary Agreement for Ongoing Improvement to the Energy Efficiency of Small Network Equipment, and more.

Additional program and project highlights include:

  • Attachments Energy Rating Council (AERC) – D+R helped establish and now serves as program manager for AERC, the first rating, certification, and labeling program for window attachments including shutters, blinds, shades, and awnings.
  • Reduced Wattage Lamp Replacement (RWLR) Initiative – D+R manages the (RWLR) Initiative for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) and helped develop the initial incentive model and scaled the market test up to a full regional program.
  • Solar Decathlon – D+R helped establish and now manages one of the Department of Energy’s most successful outreach efforts. Solar Decathlon educates students and the public about the latest technologies and materials in energy-efficient design, clean energy technologies, smart home solutions, electric vehicles, and high-performance buildings.
  • DRIVE EV – In collaboration with utilities, industry partners, and ChooseEV, D+R developed DRIVE EV, a market-based platform designed to accelerate consumer adoption of electric vehicles.

If you are interested in learning more about D+R International, visit www.drintl.com or contact David Steiner, President and CEO at dsteiner@drintl.com.