February 2019: Sigora Solar

Sigora Solar – our VAEEC February Featured Member of the Month – was founded in 2011 with little more than a used Honda civic and a 40’ ladder in Waynesboro, Virginia. Since then we have grown to 8 states across the Mid-Atlantic and Mid-West. We are the number 1 solar and energy efficiency company in Virginia and ranked 194th in the Nation. Our unique Produce and Reduce package combines solar energy and energy efficiency to save homeowners and business owners thousands of dollars every day. Sigora is creating positive change across the globe and in every community we touch through our One For One program – bringing clean renewable electricity to Haiti.

Sigora includes a BPI Goldstar Certified home audit for every customer. Our evaluation identifies every energy inefficiency in addition to potential hazards (gas and mold). This comprehensive report and our free upgrades have proven invaluable to our customers – for their comfort, safety, and monthly energy savings. In addition, every homeowner receives a Pearl Home Certification – instantly improving the value of their home by incorporating the energy efficiency improvements and the value of the solar panels.
Additional Highlights

Sigora has a partnership with VAEEC member LEAP (Local Energy Alliance Program), Pearl Home Certification, and local HVAC and roofing companies to provide value and improve energy efficiency unique to each project.