December 2021: Siemens

December Featured Member Siemens Smart Infrastructure (SI) is shaping the market for intelligent, adaptive infrastructure for today and the future. It addresses the pressing challenges of urbanization and climate change by connecting energy systems, buildings, and industries. SI provides customers with a comprehensive end-to-end portfolio – with products, systems, solutions, and services from the point of power generation all the way through to consumption. With an increasingly digitalized technology ecosystem, Siemens helps customers thrive and communities progress while contributing toward protecting the planet.

Key Energy Efficiency Related Work

Siemens core products and solutions solve the energy challenges that lie ahead by delivering energy efficiency, distributed energy systems with renewables and battery storage, transportation electrification and increased digitalization – all of which support Virginia’s Bold Climate Legislation, the Clean Economy Act, where the Commonwealth has committed to be carbon free by 2045. Additionally, Siemens is a proud partner in making this a reality and a long-time supporter of Virginia’s ESPC program where we recently received an award from Virginia Energy in recognition and appreciation for exceptional collaboration in helping them in achieving $1 Billion in energy savings.

Recent Project

The Virginia Museum of National History has partnered with Siemens on an Energy Savings Performance Contract to drive energy efficiency and upgrade infrastructure in addition to installing solar and EV chargers. This project also received an ARRA funds solar grant of $79,000 from Virginia Energy. The entire project promotes the Museum’s desire to be responsive to the State’s Clean Economy Act and Buy American and Davis Bacon Wages provisions. The expected first year annual savings is nearly $100,000. Siemens is excited to work with the Museum to help them continue to make Virginia’s natural history relevant to all citizens of the Commonwealth and beyond to truly be a Museum Without Walls.