August 2023: Siemens

VAEEC Member of the Month Siemens brings the resources to deliver smart energy efficiency, sustainability, reliability and decarbonization to State and local governments, K-12 schools, higher education and healthcare. As an energy industry leader, each and every day, we are deploying technologies and services that intelligently deliver complete energy cycle solutions from sustainable and clean energy generation to energy distribution and storage to efficient energy use.

Key Energy Efficiency Related Work

As successful, long history of collaborating with our customers to guarantee optimal energy efficiency solutions, is badge we are very proud to wear.  Especially knowing energy efficiency is a significant enabler and key fundamental aspect to the foundation of decarbonization.   These solutions include Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC) that have long been an opportunity for organizations to tackle deferred maintenance, implement efficient technologies, and reduce energy and operational costs along with decreasing their carbon footprints.

In the energy transition, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are quickly becoming a reality.  To support the increasing demand for Electric Vehicles (EV) of all kinds and as part of broad energy portfolio, Siemens offers a comprehensive PlugtoGrid™ EV solution for all applications and markets. This extensive lineup of EV products and services to support any application in the residential, commercial, industrial, transportation, or government markets includes Siemens IoT Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) offering an open, integrated solution.

Highlighted Project – ANEC EV Plan

Recently Siemens contracted with A & N Electric Cooperative (ANEC) on Virginia’s Eastern Shore to provide consulting and planning services for the development of electric vehicle infrastructure along Virginia Route 13, a north-south corridor running about 80 miles from the Maryland border to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

This section of Route 13 is often used as an alternative to the more congested Interstate 95 and is anchored by major tourist destinations at each end and hosts industrial plants and NASA Wallops Flight Facility.  Siemens worked with ANEC to:

  • Establish planning foundations and research key topics
  • Identify existing EV infrastructure
  • Conduct detailed financial, legal and technical analyses to determine best business model and implementation plan
  • Develop infrastructure plan that provides charging availability to residents, and nonresident travelers and provides an alternative hurricane evacuation route for Hampton Roads.