August 2021: D+R International

August Featured Member D+R International connects people, data, and technology to transform markets and build a sustainable future. They offer a complete ecosystem of services built to help their clients transform the way they use energy in transportation and buildings, bring new technologies to market, and create long lasting change.

Since their founding, they’ve helped introduce and support programs and marketing initiatives that compel consumers to action. They work with product manufacturers, utilities, the building industry, federal, state, and local governments, the retail supply chain, and energy organizations to build strong environmental initiatives and market-focused solutions that deliver results.

They are committed to developing and supporting programs that encourage the adoption of more efficient carbon-neutral products and providing training courses to help energy organizations meet the growing demand for electrification.

Their areas of expertise include:

Programs + Markets: They have more than 35 years of experience designing and implementing market transformation strategies on behalf of utilities, government agencies, and industry partners.

Data + Analytics: They enable their clients to harness the power of industry specific data to evaluate their markets, make decisions about strategic direction and resource allocation, and align their organizational direction with market developments.

Engineering + Technology: They have expertise in deploying, measuring, and optimizing emerging technologies for building energy, electrification, and demand response. This includes phase change materials, refrigeration systems and ADR-enabled connected devices.

Education + Engagement: Their D+R LEARN solution offer a growing catalog of courses on emerging and legacy technologies for HVAC, water heating, demand response, electrification, electric vehicles, and more that are taught by leading industry experts. Select courses are eligible for continuing education credits from such organizations as NATE, BPI, and others.

Key Energy Efficiency Related Work

There’s a growing need for professionals trained on emerging technologies for building energy systems. To meet the demand, D+R LEARN provides original educational content and dynamic instruction on behalf of utilities, state and local governments, and industry associations.

D+R LEARN’s mission is to enable learners to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to implement clean technologies—not just hear about them. They collaborate with industry experts to develop their content, and They draw on extensive instructional expertise to create interactive, engaging learning experiences. Their team includes energy and engineering experts with deep experience in energy management, demand response, training, and building energy optimization.

Their growing list of D+R LEARN clients include the Advanced Water Heating Initiative, Idaho Power, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, and more. They offer both in-person (synchronous) and online on-demand (or asynchronous) instruction, with courses geared to maximize learner engagement and knowledge transfer.