Leadership Awards FAQ

The Virginia Energy Efficiency Council is happy to present our newly-revamped Virginia Energy Efficiency Leadership Awards on November 1st, in conjunction with our Energy Efficiency Forum in Richmond.

The application period for 2022 has closed. Important details and the application link can be found here. Additional information is below.

  1. Who Can Apply?

Any company, government agency, academic institution, organization, or individual is welcome to submit an application. However, the project or program must be located in Virginia. There is no minimum requirement for how long a project or program has been completed.

Have a project or program deserving recognition? Self-nominations are accepted. 

Previous submissions are eligible, but prior award winners may not submit an application for a previously awarded project or program. Previous winners can submit an application for a different project or program.

  1. Can the same entity submit multiple applications?

There is no limit to the number of applications an entity can submit. However, note that each submission should be for a different project or program offered in Virginia.

  1. Do nominated projects or programs have to be affiliated with a VAEEC member organization or company?

No. We encourage any organization, company, institution, etc., member or not, to apply.

  1. How will the winners be selected?

The VAEEC’s Education & Events Committee will be responsible for scoring all applications. The Committee is composed of VAEEC members who are energy experts from different sectors working across the Commonwealth. 

Each application will be scored using the same criteria (see awards scorecard). In early September, the Education and Events Committee will review applications to discuss criteria and nominations. The main considerations for the Education & Events Committee will be the impact/potential impact of the nominee’s efforts on reducing overall energy use, and their ability to go “above and beyond” in the name of efficiency. 

Our goal is to showcase as many projects and programs as possible and show how much work is going on in Virginia. Once the application period closes, the Education & Events Committee will group nominations based on the sectors served (e.g. Academic; Commercial; Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion; Government; Low-Income; Residential, etc.) and will choose a 1st place winner for each of the identified categories. Check out our 2021 Awards webpage to see the categories from last year’s awards. 

  1. What does the scoring process look like?

VAEEC staff will package applications for the Education & Events Committee to review once the application process closes on September 1st. The Committee will convene in September, once to group nominations based on the sectors served, and once to determine the winners.

Scorecards will be used to grade each project and program on the same merits. The Education & Events Committee will discuss scores and choose winners. All applicants will be notified as to whether or not they have placed by September 30th.

  1. Can Education & Event Committee members submit applications?

Each Education & Events Committee member will be responsible for grading applications within a certain award category. Members are allowed to submit an application; however, they will not be allowed to score any applications within the category they applied for.

  1. The nomination application process seems simple. Is that all you want to know?

Yes! We are requiring a 400-word maximum summary, written in the third person. Points will be awarded for improvement, projected or realized energy savings or impact, the degree of difficulty in overcoming challenges, the ability for actions taken to be replicated and/or serve as a catalyst for further efficiency gains, and the degree of leadership shown. To better assess what the Education & Events Committee will be looking for, you can view the scorecard and an application from one of our 2018 award winners.

  1. How should I report energy savings? 

For an established energy efficiency program or project, report energy savings in engineering units (kWh, BTU, etc.). Report expenditures or energy savings in terms of an achieved savings level over a stated time period (spent $XX over X years and achieved XX kWh savings over X years). For a new or recently implemented program or project, describe savings in terms of its estimated achievable potential. Note: While projected savings are accepted, realized savings tend to score better.

  1. When is the Application Deadline?

Thursday, September 1st The application period has closed.

  1. Does it cost money to submit an application?

No, there is no application fee.

  1. When will you notify the winners?

We will notify winners via email by September 30th. Everyone who submitted a nomination but was not selected to win an award will also be notified. 

  1. When and where is the awards ceremony?

The awards ceremony will take place at the University of Richmond Jepson Alumni Center on November 1st during the VAEEC’s 2022 Energy Efficiency Forum. We want this to be a networking atmosphere where energy efficiency industry representatives can celebrate our collective efforts in the energy efficiency field. 

**If we are unable to meet in person due to COVID-19, the event will be moved to a virtual platform.

  1. Are award winners required to attend the ceremony on November 1st

Yes, all awards winners must attend the awards ceremony. 

There is a registration fee for non-VAEEC members attending the 2022 Energy Efficiency Forum and awards ceremony. However, anyone who submits an application will receive one complimentary registration. Additionally, award winners will receive up to three complimentary registrations. We encourage all applicants to hold off on registering for the event until after September 30th, so you will know whether or not you have placed and are eligible for free registration(s). 

Registration is required and will close on Friday, October 21st.

  1. What will award winners receive?

Award winners will receive one glass award and up to three complimentary registrations to the 2022 Energy Efficiency Forum and awards ceremony. The VAEEC will supply paper award certificates if additional awards are requested. All winners will be provided with a digital Virginia Energy Efficiency Leadership Awards badge to proudly display on social media, websites, and any other places they so choose.