Energy Awareness Bingo

October 1st kicks off National Energy Awareness Month, a time to promote the importance of energy efficiency, discover new ways to become more efficient, and reflect on your own energy consumption. To get our members in on the fun, the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council will be orchestrating Energy Awareness Bingo! Get rewarded for energy efficient measures you have already implemented while learning about additional ways to reduce your energy footprint. Winners will be entered into a raffle to win a prize. The raffle winner will be announced at our virtual Fall Forum on November 10th.

The guidelines are below. Contact us at with any questions.

  1. Download a Bingo card.
    • Cards will become available on October 1st.
  2. Once you receive your virtual bingo card, mark any of the squares that contain an energy efficiency measure that you have taken at your home. Marks can be done virtually or by printing out your card and writing on it.
    • To qualify, all energy efficiency measures must have been implemented within the past three years.
  3. Have fun while learning new ways to make your home more efficient!
  4. If you get “Bingo”, take a photo of your card and post it to social media. Get creative! Be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #VAEECbingo.
  5. Register for the virtual Fall Forum on November 10th to see if your name is drawn for the grand prize.