Virginia Energy Efficiency Council Celebrates C-PACE Funding

Press Statement from VAEEC regarding Alexandria FY 2020 Budget
For Immediate Release: May 3, 2019

Contact: Jessica Greene, Virginia Energy Efficiency Council, 804.223.3467,  

Virginia Energy Efficiency Council Celebrates C-PACE Funding

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia Energy Efficiency Council commends the City of Alexandria for its efforts in promoting clean energy through the inclusion of a C-PACE program in its Fiscal Year 2020 budget, allotting $75,000 for program start-up costs.

C-PACE is a tool that allows building owners to finance their energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy improvements at an affordable price. Through C-PACE,  Alexandria building owners will be able to save money and make their buildings more comfortable and attractive to tenants. Over time, , participation in C-PACE can lead to greater economic development in the community.

VAEEC played a key role in the inclusion of C-PACE funding in the budget, through creation of GIS maps for the city. These maps indicate buildings in Alexandria that are eligible for energy efficiency upgrades through C-PACE financing.

VAEEC is looking forward to C-PACE’s start in Alexandria and the energy efficiency improvements to come.


Founded in 2012, VAEEC is a 501c3 organization, headquartered in Richmond, that provides a platform for stakeholder engagement while assessing and supporting programs and policies that advance energy efficiency in Virginia. We engage our members to identify barriers to and opportunities for energy efficiency advancement, and to develop a strong, fact-based, and balanced industry voice before local, state, and national policymakers and regulators. Our diverse group of over 100 members includes Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, local governments, state agencies, and more. The VAEEC’s goal is to ensure that energy efficiency is recognized as an integral part of Virginia’s economy and clean energy future.

VAEEC is part of the Mid-Atlantic PACE Alliance, or MAPA, working to accelerate the implementation of C-PACE programs in the region.