Week Two General Assembly Updates

Week two of the General Assembly was uneventful, in terms of energy efficiency efforts so this is a very short update. However, the whole building was buzzing in anticipation for the introduction of the bills that will tackle the investor-owned utility over-earnings, which we briefly mentioned in last week’s post.

The house version of the bill was posted to LIS this morning and we anticipate three bills on the Senate side sponsored by Senators Saslaw, Wagner and Newman. We will spend time over the next several days reviewing the bill language and will have a full analysis for you in next week’s update.

Also in last week’s update, we stated our support for HB 1261. The Senate companion was introduced this week for those tracking legislation.

Finally, we briefly mentioned Delegate Keam’s Virginia Open Data Initiative Act (HB 781) last week as well, which, if passed, will increase public awareness of and access to the data created by and available from state agencies. We have since spoken to the patron about this bill and he is very interested in working with us to include energy data from state owned buildings as part of this initiative. If talks continue to progress in a positive way, we will seek endorsement of this bill from our Policy Committee. Stay tuned for more details.

All of these bills, and more, can be found on the Virginia Legislative Information System (LIS) website: http://lis.virginia.gov.

In addition to legislative tracking, we also signed on to a letter with some of our members and partners, outlining the profile of a qualified candidate for the open seat on the SCC Commission. The letter was addressed to the House Commerce and Labor committee since this committee is responsible for interviewing potential candidates. While we have spoken to a few of the front runners for this seat, we do not plan to endorse any specific candidates. It is our hope that members of the committee will review our letter and use it as a guide to ask questions of potential candidates. We believe these interviews will take place in early March so we will keep you posted as this progresses as well.

Until next time.