David Steiner

VAEEC CHAIR | D&R International

David Steiner serves as Chair of the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council. He is President of D+R International, Ltd., which has been instrumental in the support of innovative program design for energy efficiency adoption over its 30-year history. The company focuses on high quality data that brings greater understanding of energy efficiency opportunities and ultimately capture of energy savings. It has pioneered the Market Lift® program that has succeeded in pushing the market to higher efficient products. David and the D+R team have been involved in support of the State Energy Efficiency Appliance Rebate Program, ENERGY STAR®, the Department of Energy’s LED Lighting Facts, and the DesignLights Consortium, among many others. Prior to D+R, David was Vice President of Government Affairs at Maytag Corporation, where he had primary responsibility for federal, state and international government relations. He was a leading advocate for the company’s energy- and water-efficiency efforts. David earned his undergraduate degree at Ashland University and his MBA at Case Western Reserve University. He lives in Vienna, VA with his family where he also serves on the Community Enhancement Commission.