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CreeVAEEC May Featured Member of the Month—an innovator of lighting-class LEDs and lighting products and Wolfspeed™ power and radio frequency (RF) semiconductors. The company is uniquely positioned to innovate new ways in which semiconductors will serve as a platform for emerging technologies, systems and capabilities that will enrich lives, improve society and safeguard our planet.

While Cree’s products are used across a wide range of applications, much of the company’s work in Virginia has focused on LED Lighting for healthcare and education facilities. For both applications, Cree recognizes the importance of high-quality lighting that not only creates a comfortable environment, but also delivers real-time data about how the upgraded facilities are reducing energy costs.

Energy-Efficient LED Lighting Cuts Costs and Improves Safety for Education

There are several considerations making lighting upgrades important in educational settings. Higher quality lighting is more energy efficient, reduces maintenance costs and offers a sense of safety and security for students and staff. Below are a few of Cree’s recent educational lighting upgrades in Virginia:

  • George Mason University: The university retrofitted the high-pressure sodium exterior lighting at the Fairfax and Prince William campuses with Cree’s LED luminaires in the roadways, walkways and parking lots. In addition to delivering uniform and targeted illumination that improves nighttime visibility and security, the time and money saved from the upgrade can now be redirected to other campus needs. In fact, this retrofit delivered more than 1,951 megawatt-hours in annual electrical energy savings, saving on anticipated annual energy costs by over $92,000 and on estimated annual maintenance costs by over $42,000.
  • University of Virginia: Administrators at the John Paul Jones Arena partnered with the University’s Office for Sustainability to convert the lighting in the practice courts to Cree’s highly-efficient high-bay LED fixtures. The upgrade reduces energy consumption by 46%, provides better lighting for athletes and curbs maintenance costs, as well as provides an overall better experience for teams that spend well over 3,000 hours in the gyms during a typical season. Projects like this contribute to UVA’s progress towards their GHG emissions goal to reduce emission 25% below 2009 levels by 2025.

Enhanced LED Lighting at Healthcare Facilities Improves the Patient Experience

In a healthcare setting, patient safety and comfort are important for ensuring an overall positive experience, and the lighting can greatly affect these. In addition, LED lighting installations can significantly cut maintenance and energy costs, support staff in their diagnosis and aid in patient recovery. Below is an example of a Virginia hospital that has benefited from a Cree LED lighting upgrade:

  • The Reston Hospital Center: Cree’s lighting solutions significantly improved lighting quality while providing excellent energy and maintenance savings. By installing Cree’s fully programmable LED luminaires in the parking

    The Reston Hospital Center

    garage, the hospital anticipates an 81% reduction in energy consumption and more than $60,000 in annual energy savings. The upgrade also provides enhanced security in the garage, as the new lights removed glare around the wall-mounted cameras which offers improved visibility when officers are surveilling. An added benefit of this particular project was the rebate Reston Hospital Center received from Dominion Virginia Power for switching to LED lighting.

Cree will continue seeking opportunities to deliver energy savings and sustainability solutions throughout the state of Virginia. For more examples of how Cree’s products support energy efficiency across a wide range of applications, view the complete list of case studies